I'm Vegard Aasen, a full time System Developer currently working for Telenor Norge ASA with Security solutions. Main interests is cars, games and programming languages — and relaxation.



Vegard vygy Aasen


From Norway. Born in beautiful (but rather rainy) Odda, Hordaland. Currently living in Ringerike, Buskerud.


Masters degree in Computer Science, acquired 2009 from University of Oslo. Focused 80% on OOP.

Bachelors degree in Computer Science, acquired 2007 from University College of Buskerud.

Work status

Working as a System Developer with many of the security solutions at Telenor Norge ASA. The current focus is Mine Sider, internal architecture with SAML and Min Bedrift. Working mostly with J2ee, Spring, jax-rs/-ws, saml and similar technologies.


Personally I see myself as a big car enthusiast, but at the moment I'm driving a Toyota Yaris. In other words, many might put a questionmark behind that expression. I'm also a big fan of skiing, mb cycling, gaming and coding. In my not-working-hours I'm mostly either coding some stuff, or training - or relaxing (I know much about that topic). Heh!


John Carmack, Kent Beck, Linus Torvalds, Donald Faison, Zach Braff & Jeff Atwood


Reminder: String.format()-usage

Reminder: String.format()-usage This is just a small post for myself that illustrates the usage of oh-so-known Str...

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Spring 3.1 features

Spring 3.1 features What? Spring 3.1? But..but, thats old news!! Yeah, it most def. is! However, I found a nice o...

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VNC/Remote to Ubuntu 14.04+

VNC/Remote to Ubuntu 14.04+ With the release of Ubuntu 14.04, the VNC client stopped working for me. Im trying to ...

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Static methods vs non static (mini-post)

Static methods versus non-static methods - a small thought Who is this queer guy?? A small post/thought concerning...

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Ongoing!: Spring 4.0 news – findings

Spring 4.0 news all news etc will be updated as the days goes by, and I've played more around with the framework. ...

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Self-Reminder: JDBC-Test SQLs

Self-Reminder: JDBC Test SQLs This is just a small reminder for myself, as I tend to forget this stuff from time t...

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mac-script: smallify.sh

Smallify.sh Information This script is just a simple thing that enables easy conversion of images in regards to s...

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Maven GIT Plugin

Maven GIT plugin Lately I wanted to have a version-tag in one of our webapplications. First I though of using some...

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Traits, Quotes, Guidelines

The Internet?

Is that thing still around? Homer Simpson

Good code

is its own best documentation. Steve McConnell

Controlling complexity

is the essence of computer programming. Brian Kernigan

I think Microsoft named

.Net so it wouldn’t show up in a Unix directory listing. Oktal

Computers are like bikinis.

They save people a lot of guesswork. Sam Ewing

Java is to JavaScript

what Car is to Carpet. Chris Heilmann


is prerequisite for reliability. Unknown


The parts of a computer system that can be kicked. Unknown

Do, or do not.

there is no try. Master Yoda


ought to be enough for anybody. Bill Gates

Any fool can

use a computer. Many do. Ted Nelson

Rent my work@Aasens WebSnekkeri

I will not introduce who I am, as that is the point of the rest of this page ;-)

Anyway! You may rent me to do several programming related jobs. Currently, I've only created sites/pages for friends, family and interests — however, that is about to change. Following is a few keywords that presents the stuff I know something about.

Languages & Technologies

Java, PHP, Photoshop, JavaScript, .Net, Shell, Android, C++, XML, HTML5, CSS3 & UML

Platforms & Frameworks

UNIX, Linux, Windows, Wordpress, Drupal & Tridion

Java-project relevant

Spring, Struts, Maven, Gradle, various VCSs & JCE

Key «selling aspects»

Fast working, Adaptable, Positive, Accommodating, Helpful & Quality-conscious